Why is Instagram-sponsored publication the best way to attract new users looking for a company like yours?

Potential customers on Instagram are not easy and require planning, strategy, creativity and repetition. While traditional methods have turned your business into a magical work for Instagram, they don’t affect as many users and solid sponsored publications as possible. When Facebook started, the organic scope was simple. Due to fierce competition, emerging technologies are looking for more and more users, so publishing content on Facebook is actually quite easy. If configured correctly, it will cover new users who are not familiar with your business.

Then, once the number of users is large enough, organic coverage will accelerate, and finally, almost all fees must be paid to launch publications to attract new users. Instagram has not adapted to the payment model, but this does not mean that sending a publication to a new user has no significant value (called “promotion” on Instagram).

Which one is best for your business: Pinterest or Instagram? Find it here: Pinterest or Instagram. What is the best way to expand your business online? So what does a promotional publication mean? How can it properly attract the right talent for your business? Here are 3 strategies:

1. Create company information

The first step is to convert your profile into company profile. Just touch the sun symbol (iOS) or three points (Android), depending on your device. Now click on “Change company profile”. You’ll also need to make sure your account is set to “Public.” Enter the required information and press “Finish”. This is easy!

*Note* If you haven’t already done so, it’s important to add it to the relevant Facebook page as an administrator.

2. Strategy

Strategy is the key to making the most of your publications. This is useful if the message you want to advertise is ready before you start. The reason is that you can not only decide what to publish and promote, but also determine where to broadcast. With Instagram, your posts will appear in the story and news section of your user account. If you don’t want the message to appear in the article, you must use the Facebook Ads Manager.

Both options are possible, but the management interface contains much more than the options provided by Instagram (ganhar seguidores no instagram) itself. Therefore, if you have administrator privileges on an associated Facebook account and are already connected, it is recommended to use the most powerful system. If you need help, please contact us and our social media experts will be happy to assist you. Now consider the end user and how you will look at your publication. If you have defined an ideal customer, you should be able to see the competitor’s brand. Browse the most popular ones and see which one is best for them. This gives you a true understanding of what works best for your own publications. Once you have chosen your creativity and know its design, you should promote it.

3. After the promotion

There are many options available here based on the promotions you choose through Instagram or Facebook Ad Manager. First release your creativity. By the way, if you haven’t read our guide yet, then you should start your Instagram event. This will ensure the best performance of your publication before you start paying. Now go back to your post and look at the bottom right corner and the “Promotion” location, just touch.

After clicking on it, you’ll see several options to find out which objects you want to reach, how long you’ve published the advertised publications, and what you’re willing to pay for these purposes. There may be restrictions on the options you can contact, so please be aware of the person you are trying to contact the publication, and next time you will try different settings to see if they will be more effective. It’s never as easy as writing what you want and touching it. Find the relevant interests of your ideal customers or the broad categories they belong to.

If you advertise on Facebook, you must log in to your Facebook profile company and select “Ad Manager.” To do this, you must navigate to the level of the ad. The process through the Ad Manager is much more complicated, but there are more options. He will choose creativity by clicking on “Use existing publications”. You can then select the associated Instagram account and choose your publication from there. It is much better to guide your choice here. This method is the level I am doing intermediate. If you are not familiar with using social media for your business, or if you can’t find an intuitive interface, please call us. This process should not take a lot of time. If you are in trouble, let us work hard for you. If you have successfully browsed the configuration and configured it correctly, simply select the budget and duration.

We fully understand the complexity of achieving this goal. I am doing a good job. If you plan to solve it yourself, it is highly recommended that you try it with a test publication and a small budget. Instagram (ganhar seguidores no instagram) has more than 10 million active users per month and is growing. The interface is subject to change without notice and is constantly being refined to provide a better range for promotional publications. Don’t underestimate it. Think of it as your traditional advertisement. Through the advertisements in the magazine, thousands of people can see their creativity, which is the same as their GI image. This is an external representative of your company. So treat this part as an aspect of your business: as a professional.

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